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Situated in the beautiful heart of Europe, South Limburg shares borders with both Germany and Belgium and for those who thought the Netherlands was flat, it has an elevation of more than 300 metres! A history of culture engagements makes South Limburg very special and unique. You could say that South Limburg is the rainbow of the Netherlands. A rainbow of languages, cultures, food, wine and charming hills offering something unique and very special to visitors. 

Best travel destination in the world

South Limburg has transformed a part of the region, Parkstad Limburg, from a former grey industrial mining district into one of the greenest urban areas in the Netherlands. This helped the region win the most prestigious tourism award in the world: The 2016 Tourism for Tomorrow Award.

Museums in South Limburg

Cube Design Museum

Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade is the first museum in the Netherlands devoted entirely to design. Cube focuses on design for human needs an ambitions, design that has an impact on our lives. Cube presents leading national, international, and Euregional designs as well as innovative design methods such as 3D printing. 

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Museum De Domijnen

Museum De Domijnen in Sittard-Geleen consists of two departments: History and Archaeology and Contemporary Art. The History and Archaeology currently have two exhibitions: paintings by Hub (Buck) Fonteijn and museum treasures: archaeological discoveries from the depot. The Contemporary Art department presents Over de grens (across the border), in which Brele Scholz, Jaap de Ruig, Roy Villevoye & Jan Dietvorst each offer their own take on travel, interaction, and other cultures.

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Kunst in Valkenburg

Another must-see attraction is Kunst in Valkenburg (Art in Valkenburg, KiV), an annual art exhibition held in the Sanctuary of Saint Gerlach and on the estate of Chateau St. Gerlach. 

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In Zuid-Limburg you can find an abundance of history and culture. For centuries, the area had been fought over by emperors, kings and bishops, evidence of which can be found today in the numerous museums and galleries. Visit Zuid-Limburg and discover art, history and culture, to experience in an up close and personal interaction.


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